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Our jewelry store can help when you need help with jewelry repair, diamond & gemstone recutting, custom jewelry, and much more. When you are looking for an engagement ring, rely on the pros at Erik Jewelers to help. We can walk you through our extensive collection. We have a variety of products to offer and we specialize in jewelry including engagement rings, custom jewelry designs, wedding bands, and more.

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The History of Erik Jewelers

Still Having Fun Making Jewelry

I was a little terror when I was young, so my mother sent me to my fathers jewelry store for the summer to get me out of her hair. I began work as a jewelry repairer at the bench at age 12. No awful child labor involved. I liked the easy work. I did this part time and full time through college. I picked up skills and began designing and creating jewelry. I spent two years learning watchmaking at Bradley University. I can make any part for a watch. I taught metalworking for 10 years in high school and two universities. All this time I was running a jewelry business on the side. When I opened my jewelry store in Buffalo, NY, I was told by established jewelers “You can’t sell that kind of jewelry here in Buffalo. Nobody will buy it” (My kind of jewelry was like the creative things you see now on Etsy). Fifty years later I am still selling my kind of jewelry and they are trying to imitate me.

We have a complete shop. Equipment for just about every operation in the jewelry industry. Our jewelry is made with everything from 100 year old tools up to computer CAD designing, CNC milling and 3D Printing. We do all of our own casting, in house. We have over 6000 molds of jewelry we have designed over the years. Our laser welder allows us to do some very delicate jobs. I am a diamond cutter. When a customer brings in a chipped diamond, I fix it.

In the back room is a machine shop with a Bridgeport mill, bandsaws, several lathes, Gorton Pantographs and die striking presses. With all this equipment, we end up helping other jewelers in the area with jobs they are not able to do.

We have scaled back to a more comfortable size. At one time I had 22 people working for me. Now it is just family – Dave, Erik, and Gretchen. I am now semi-retired. I only work 5 days a week. In our store, most of what we sell is made by us. We do a lot of custom designs. We put our best craftsmanship into every piece, whether it is a $20 or one of our $20,000 designs. If you would like additions or alterations of one of our designs, or a completely new design, please ask.

Custom Jewelry Design at Erik Jewelers - Crucible of Melted Gold