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Jewelry repair, diamond and gemstone recutting, jewelry appraisals, pearl restringing, and jewelry cleaning are just a few of the many services offered by Erik Jewelers.

Jewelry repairing is done in our shop by our own craftsmen.  These are the same people who design and create our own styles.  These are not workers who have just taken a one week repair or diamond setting course. The owner , David Anderson started working at the bench in his fathers store in the 1950's.  His son Erik started making jewelry when he was 9 years old.  Because of this experience, we are often able to do repairs that other stores have turned down.  We are very particular about the quality of our work. 

Jewelry repairs

Rings sized up or down            
Reshank ring ... if the bottom of your ring is worn thin we can replace it with new heavy metal
Retip worn prongs ... rebuild worn prongs over stones by adding precious metal.  Often it is better to replace the whole 4 or 6 prong setting
Chains and bracelets soldered ... Metal moving against metal makes these wear quickly.  We make our repair as good or better than the original.
Pearl and bead restringing ... the cord eventually weakens and can break, causing loss of pearls or beads.  Restring before this happens. Freshen up the look with new cord. Beads are cleaned before restringing.
Platinum repairs...Platinum is an entirely different metal to work in than gold.  We have many years experience working in this precious metal.
Costume jewelry ... we can quickly repair most of these inexpensive pieces using special techniques learned by the owner back in the 1950's when this type of jewelry was very popular.

Gemstone repairs

Broken or chipped diamonds recut ... we do this recutting in our own shop. Often the repairs can be done with very little change in weight or size. Don't risk further damage by wearing a chipped diamond with a sharp edge which may chip further.
Precious and semiprecious gemstones ... Rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and many other stones can be cut or repaired in our shop.  If your stone is scratched and abraded, it can be repolished like new. We often  recut to fit a stone into a nonstandard size mounting for which no stone is available.


Insurance appraisals ... Make sure that you are adequately insured by providing your insurance company with a current appraisal.  Our appraisals are done by GIA trained gemologists.  A picture of your jewelry is printed on the appraisal.
Estate appraisals ... jewelry for estate purposes is valued differently.  The value for tax or distribution purposes is based upon how much it could be sold for in the current market.


Remount stones ... reset your stones in a new mounting.  We make most of our mountings.  Your stones are not forced into a setting that doesn't really fit.  We can modify or create mountings that enhance your gems.

Brokerage of high valuation jewelry 

Large gemstones ... if you have fine jewelry you wish to discretely dispose of, we can sell it through our sources in the industry for a small brokerage fee.
Consignment ... we sometimes accept diamonds of a carat or larger for consignment sale in our store.


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