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The natural rocks are all individually carved by the Erik craftsmen. Each rock is carefully selected to fit the design chosen. The picture and words are deeply carved into the stone as requested by our customer.  These are not the artificial plastic or cement rocks which are often sold. These are real rocks...big ones and small ones. We usually work in rock sizes from about 3" to 15", but we also have portable equipment so that we can come to your site to carve a rock that is too large to move around. We have a large number of rock designs already carved for your selection, however many people like to select from our uncarved rocks and have something special put on them. You can even bring your own rock if you have a favorite. The design may be left natural or be painted in with black or a color.  We use a special paint made for outdoor use on stone, so it is very durable.  Use these rocks inside or outside. Custom carved rocks are used for doorstops, addresses, gardens, awards, logos, pet memorials, room and fireplace decoration. 


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